Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free Books? No more late fees? Awesome vintage ads?

Were you aware that Google has scanned over TEN MILLION books, available to read online for FREE? I wasn't. Go HERE to check it out! If they are still in print you will probably only see a preview, but there are a ton that are there in their entirety. You can also look at old magazines, I found my favorite VW ad from a 1964 LIFE.
"You can conveniently replace anything she uses to stop the car- even the brakes" Ha!
Or this one is awesome, from the same magazine,  "Sugar's got what it takes... and it's all energy."

Of course if kids today got as much excersize as "Tommy" it wouldn't be so bad...

For more free books, check out your library's website, ours has a section for kids where they can click on a book and it will be read to them, complete with pictures, some of them even animated a bit!  I may never have to go back and pay those late fees. :-)

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Thanks for the tip!