Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A birthday- plain and simple

If anyone out there still reads my L-A-M-E, lame-o blog I am sorry I've been absent.  I've decided that maybe 4 kids was my limit, but we just love Harrison too much to send him back, so I'm trying to figure out how to manage things with 5 kids. (and not doing it very well yet)  Blogging is a little low on the priority list, though as long as I have to sit to feed Harrison several hours a day, reading blogs will still get done!
My sweet/sour Mr. C turned 2 today!  I can hardly believe it! 
It's not fair how fast time flies when they are little.  I went back and forth about having a party, he's so into "choo-choo's" right now, I had a grand vision of a "Choo-Choo I'm 2!" party, with cute invitations, matching t-shirt, fun train-ish favors, train wheel pasta salad and "choo-choo chewy" popcorn balls all at a fun train park this weekend, (styled after THIS adorable party.) But I was really nervous about actually getting it together, yesterday I decided to go for it, but after spending nearly 2 hours trying to make/find the perfect train graphic for the invitation, I abandoned that idea, and decided dinner at home tonight, with a cake and presents was just fine!  So this morning we went shopping for gifts, and this afternoon I baked a cake, stuck a train on top and at 8:30pm, when dad got home from his church meeting, we had a little party! 
He got some fun new toys, his sisters all gave their usual "find something around the house and wrap it in toilet paper" gifts, 
and I think the real hit was some hand-me-down Thomas the Train toys from his cousins- he was seriously into that.
And sometimes he does wear pants, but they were long gone by the time our "party" rolled around and I was too tired to go find them! Hopefully I'll have something more interesting next time...


Shauna said...

Hey I like posts about your family! Love his "2" shirt! Also love the way his cake looks...all classy layered on a pretty stand with a train. So cute! Happy birthday to Charlie!

nate and amy crandell said...

haha you crack me up Katie! I love how the girls find gifts and wrap them in toilet paper! haha :)

Happy B-Day Charlie (I think our birthdays are the same!)

OurFamily said...

Hahaha so cute! Happy Birthday Charlie!

Sara! said...

Okay, you are way better than me because I've been thinking that three has done me in! Way to go with the small party, all that matters is that you documented the day with pictures... something I failed to do with the twins 1st.