Thursday, March 25, 2010

Splitting Harry's

My biggest concern with naming this sweetie Harrison was that he might someday be called "Harry".
And that "someday" happened like the day he came home from the hospital, and many many times since, even by me (gasp!) The girls started it, and looking at that sweet little face and hearing him called Harry suddenly it wasn't such a horrible thing, I didn't think about this guy,
or this guy,
or this "hairy" image.
It was good enough of a name for Princess Diana to use right?

And one of our favorite characters over here is Harry Potter, are there any other "good" Harry's out there? Or do I really need to be strict about sticking to Harrison?
And why can't I make my pictures go where I want them to go anymore????  I'm going to scream.


melmck said...

Harry makes him instantly distinguished. And he's the cutest Harry I've ever seen. :)

Robin said...

I didn't think we would Henry Hank. But for the majority of the time he is Hanky around here. And I don't care like I thought I would. If you don't like it, feel free to kindly correct people. Either way, he is darling.

And your last sentence made me laugh because I have had similar issues!

Suzonne Stirling said...

He's GORGEOUS! He should be a child model.

Shauna said...

Ya seriously I think he can pull off any name whatsoever. He's such a cute kid.