Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recipe Cards- another free download

*reposted 5/29 with updated download link- thanks!
I'm not entirely finished yet, but I got my first batch of recipe cards typed up, laminated and punched and I love them! It's hit me that I only have 3 weeks give or take a few days before my life gets turned upside down and inside out with a new baby and I have several projects hanging out there unfinished, time to get busy!  Anyways, I really love my new recipe cards, I'm going to put my top 30 or so easy dinners on one ring, (idea I got from Nanny Goat forever ago) cookies and deserts on another ring, and then the rest just in my recipe box.  If you like my recipe cards I put them in  PDF file and you can download and print them by clicking HERE.

(yes, I am having fun making my own free downloads)

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Kathryn-nannygoat said...

Cute recipe cards! Such a great idea to get everything organized before your new baby comes especially dinners... that's the LAST thing you want to worry about.
Good luck with your 30 meals and your cute family! Let me know what it is like to have 5. I think we want one more (we have 4) but the number 5 scares me a little.:)