Saturday, February 21, 2009

Food Storage Friday #3

So sorry to be posting this a week late, and on Saturday but sometimes that's how it goes... Ok, so you've gotten your 2 weeks supply of water, and you're working on getting that 3 month supply of food your family likes to eat. (right?) You will need lots of purchased canned and dried foods in your supply, but remember the option you have to can or bottle your own food! I have learned to do peaches, apples, chicken, roast and ground beef and it's really not hard. This week I am going to do my mom's spagetti sauce recipe. When you bottle your own meat, it tases better than regular store bought canned stuff, and it lasts for up to 10 years! I was intimidated at first but it's really very easy. I found this great website, Fresh with recipes and instructions for canning, freezing and drying all kinds of food, and on the right hand side of this page (click) they have a link list to other canning related websites. Most fruits (high acid foods) just need a boiling water canner, such as this one: and meats, vegetables and soups (low acid foods) will need a pressure canner, like this one:The pressure canner is an investment, but ask around and you may be able to find one you can borrow. So that's something to think about, something fun to try right? Let me know how it goes if you do it! I can e-mail you the spagetti sauce recipe and step by step meat canning instructions (thanks to my super provident mom!) so if you want them, let me know! Next Friday: Beyond Food


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Someday I want the recipe and instructions...I'm not at that point yet. But I'm impressed with all your canning knowledge! Thanks for sharing it :)