Friday, October 17, 2008

James Avery

I got a James Avery catalog in the mail the other day and almost tossed it out (overcoming my compultion to look through every catalog that comes in my home) but then I remembered this Dr. Pepper silver charm by James Avery I used to drool over, and I decided I had to take a peek. When it said "Religious Jewelry Selections" I expected a lot of crosses (which he had) but there were also a lot of other things I wanted to share. Like this Ichthus Bracelet: (I guess that's what the "Jesus Fish" is called) And this La Paloma (dove) charm:
And this pierced butterfly ring:
And though I don't wear crosses, I thought this one was beautiful and adorable:
And I decided to add a list to my sidebar of my favorite artists- all kinds, so check those out sometime!


Lady Bardfan said...

DEr Pepper!!! How perfect for your charm braclet. Mom

Lyndsay said...

I LOVE James Avery. He is based out of Texas, so I got a new JA piece of jewelery each year growing up. Cute Dr. Pepper charm! I have never seen that one.

nate and amy crandell said...

I like the ring thats cute!!

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

I have loved his jewelry since I was little. It reminds me a lot of my dad's jewelry. :)