Monday, October 27, 2008

Go get the kleenex

I was late for church yesterday, partly because I spent way too long reading the Republic article by Jaimee Rose about Stephanie Nielson and her sisters. (and partly because I'm just slow.) It was awesome, read it HERE. And there will be follow up articles all week- you can read the one from today HERE. I didn't get to go to the benefit concert this weekend but I wish I could have been there- I bet it was incredible. If you have read their story I'm sure you don't need a reminder to keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and if you haven't go read it!


Jodi Perez said...

very touching. I heard about this family from one of my friends and went to the fundraiser charity event for the family. Its a very touching story, makes you so grateful for life.

Lady Bardfan said...

What is plural for kleenex??? Try getting a box full. What a sweet and insprirational story.