Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The greatest thing since sliced bread

I just signed up for Carbonite and am really excited about it. You download it and it automatically backs up your computer online so you never have to think about it- until the worst happens, and then you don't have to worry because everything is safe with them. Sign up or find out more by clicking HERE.You may recall that earlier this year I lost everything on my laptop when the hard drive suddenly crashed, for no reason. Luckily I regularly uploaded photos to Shutterfly, so I only really lost a few of those, (but my original digital files are gone, I can only get those printed from Shutterfly now) You'd think I would have constantly been backing up but I only did it once before now- it's a pain! I love that I don't have to think about this and all my pictures, music, Tax and financial info and digital scrapbook stuff is totally safe now! And it's only $50 a year. That's a bargain.

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davidandsuzi said...

We might do that! What a great idea, thanks!