Thursday, June 23, 2011

People are so good!

I just had to send a big thank you out to the strangers that came to our rescue yesterday!  Miss B is celebrating the big 1-0 this weekend and we have a little craft project planned for her party and I decided that I had just enough time before dinner to run to Hobby Lobby for supplies.  We were doing good for time until we got to the car to go home and I realized that I had locked my keys in the car!  And it was like one hundred and a million degrees outside! And it turned out to be a really great experience.  I had left my windows cracked, so we headed back into the store to find some kind of wire to make a door-unlocking tool.  A long stemmed sunflower seemed perfect, but once back out in the (aforementioned) heat I was not having much luck.  After a few minutes a man came over and offered to help and he seemed to have some good ideas so I let him have a go at it and within a few minutes he did it!  He confessed to having a lot of experience- not because he steals cars- but because he was a police officer!  I was so thankful to him and his wife/girlfriend who asked or at leasted allowed him to help us! As I was buckleing everyone in a woman drove up and handed me a bag full of ice cold water bottles and snacks she had picked up for us while we were out there and insisted I still take them.  My kids were so grateful and so happy that we had been so blessed by kind strangers.  I can't wait to pay it forward next time I see someone in a similar situation.  Thanks to our mystery heros! 

Oh and happy birthday to my first born!  She is such a great kid, I just wish she would stop growing up!

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Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

This is the sweetest post. It's always nice to hear of strangers stepping up to help. So many people these days are too busy to even notice when others are in need. I'm sure I've been guilty of that more than once. Thanks for sharing such a nice story!