Sunday, May 08, 2011

Blossoms of Blue

image from Raceytay on etsy
Morning started out well- made it (almost) on time for church, heard some wonderful stories from a couple that just returned home from a mission in Zimbabwe, kids sang mother songs, made me some cute cards, and presented me with flowers, came home, had lunch and even got a little nap.  Woke up from my nap and started going through e-mails, when my hard drive started acting up, restarted my computer and found no files or programs showing up anywhere.  Sick computer.  (I'm on the backup now) Then one by one kids got really whiny, and HOT.  3 sick kids with fevers and various aches- (all in bed now) So no mother's day dinner at my mom's now darn it!  (happy Mother's Day mom!)  Frozen pizza for us.  Any hope of everyone sleeping all night?  Luckily the oldest 2 seem to be fine, so far. Sam's out of town this week and assuming everyone is well I'll be joining him Thursday night for the weekend- yippee!  Sunday is usually TV free at our house, but I always make exceptions when someone is sick- I'm thinking maybe that means I get to watch some shows tonight too? On to season 3 of Veronica Mars :-) 
(PS- what's a good TV series that I can start on Netflix when I'm done with this one??)

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Shauna said...

oh man sorry your mother's day ended not so good! hope you had a good night!