Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Short- the holidays happened!

And I'm back!  Hopefully much more frequently with fun & interresting things to share!
Mr C got potty trained, Mr H learned to walk, and got an ADORABLE haircut, pictures to come.
Christmas came and everyone was happy!  Even me, after I put a bunch of things on my "to don't" list.  What a relief to let go of so many "fun" things I wanted to cram into our December! (though maybe next year I'll be more organized and we'll do a few)
  I just had to share my little bare chested cherub- he reacted with the appropriate oooo's for each of his presents! We call that face "Cheerio mouth"
And our greatest holiday challenge was created by an elf named Holly- I would like to have a chat with her!  Miss G apparently wrote a letter to Santa and asked for a "wishing star"  What is a wishing star?  Well it's a star that gives you whatever you wish for of course!

She was taking requests from friends and making lists of what she was going to wish for when Santa brought it.  I couldn't say anything that would gently convince her that Santa might not be able to bring a wishing star. (after all, Santa's favorite elf was going to ask him to pick one up for her!)

Luckily Santa is very wise and came up with this sweet letter to give her along with a pretty little star ornament- because I was stumped! 
And Christmas turned out perfect!

New Years Resolution:  Procrastinate less!
I think that would cover a lot of other goals that I could set...

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Randall Family said...

What a special letter. Good job Santa!