Sunday, January 31, 2010


When I download pictures from my camera to my computer there are usually a good 20 or so shots taken by one of the kids, usually Miss E. Popular subjects include baby H and Mr. C of course, lots of over exposed self portraits, random objects around the house, and in the last batch, about 12 different shots of dirty laundry. Every once in a while there are a couple gems I can't bear to delete- like these chunks of my chubby guy.Have you ever seen such fat little feet? And to think he's thinned out over the past 6 months or so.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pretty Little Desk (on the cheap)

Miss B needed a desk to do her homework in her room, so we got this simple shelf from Ikea. It's just a solid piece of wood and some wooden wall brackets. I first painted it white but since it had a slick surface it quickly started peeling and looking really ugly. Then I really wanted to cover it with contact paper, but if only there existed pretty contact paper! I looked EVERYWHERE. Don't you think Ikea should carry some? Anyways, I FINALLY stumbled on something online where they had used wrapping paper, and then covered that with clear contact paper- genius! So here's the new and improved desktop!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Terrible 2s

I forget that the "terrible two's" start a few months before they're two. My sweet little defenseless angel quickly has learned to defend himself, and moved right on to being a little tyrant! I've watched him go into attack mode over and over this week and it's driving me crazy! (so sorry to his poor little cousins!!) At home it seems like he moves from one gigantic mess to the next without hesitation. Thank goodness when he's sleeping I can look at that beautiful, giant baby and see my sweet boy because during the waking hours it's hard to see him that way. (Sam dressed him this night- he has no respect for matching pj sets, in fact I think he secretly picks out the worst matched pair in the stack but how can I complain?) I have C.Jane on my blog list and sometimes her posts are too long and wordy for me, and sometimes they are too embarrassing, but last week there was one I can totally relate to right now, about her naughty little boy, about the same age as my Mr. C.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Check out my new header!

If you read me in Google Reader or something, click over and see my pretty new header! I had plenty of other things I should have been doing instead but I'm so glad it's done- I think it's been the same for the past year.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nearly 7 weeks later!

Isn't he a doll? Full of smiles and still so sleepy! I'm still not getting enough done around here but he is an angel and I already can't remember what it was like without him in our family!
Sunday was his first day of church and he got a special blessing from his daddy- aren't they handsome?
And doesn't this guy look so innocent? Well he's not, and I found that out yesterday when some woman yelled at me on her way out of the children's museum that she was leaving because she doesn't appreciate my child hitting her child. (What? Huh? I didn't see it! I'm sorry! I'm watching 3 small kids here and holding a newborn, let me come move or distract him before you storm out of here yelling at me in front of everyone, sheesh!) He's ONE, and he's not an only child so sometimes he hits! Oh well, I'm almost over it...
But he is generally a sweetheart and he really loves his baby brother.

I'm should be back posting more often now- I got some fun supplies with gift card money, including this new Cricut cartridge that I am really anxious to use so hopefully I'll be posting some projects soon! Scrapbooking and crafting more are on my 2010 to do list!