Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cancel your cable- Watch Penelope

That's what I've been doing tonight- watching Penelope and thinking everyone should see it.
I admit that I totally miss the days of having digital cable with DVR, but those days are long gone, and we finally cancelled even our basic cable, and signed up for Netflix and it's great!  $9 a month and you get as many DVDs as you want, one at a time, and they are fast.  Plus there is a ton of stuff available to watch instantly online, including Penelope, which may be my all time favorite movie.  Plus all the "My Name is Earl" episodes are there too, and lots of other shows, commercial free, what more can you ask for?


Tami Allred said...

Penelope is a cute movie. Love netflix, going on 7 years now. Your blog is cute.

The Fenn's said...

Hi Katie! That's what Gary and I do too...we love our instant queue!! I love your blog and your sweet little kids! That little Harrison is a doll.

Lady Bardfan said...

I also love netflix! More Bollywood than I ever imagained!!!