Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm not completely useless...

And neither is my blog! I've found some great free downloads to share (via other favorite blogs- keep reading) I am almost done inventorying my food storage, the "system" will be in place THIS week and I will post about it- by Friday for sure! I started with a clip board and some sheets of lined paper and started writing everything down, and counting cans. If you are anxious to start, start doing that, it will take you longer than you expect.
Now for the fun stuff:
These free gift tags from Whisker Graphics are so cute! Click HERE to get your own.
Also found from her website this free funny "To Do" list from Vale Design HERE.
Design Mom always points me in fun directions, and I was thrilled to find this site, Vintage Printables with free, high resolution, vintage images.
She also posted a link to Design Dazzle's "scratch off" Father's Day card- I love that idea! See how to make your own HERE.
And finally, my crafty project for the week, THIS Father's Day envelope card (or some version of it) from Pine is Here.

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Sarah said...

Katie? I didn't want to be a blog-lurker. I'm a children's librarian in Idaho and was looking for something cute for storytime. I just stumbled on your blog which has CUTE written all over it. Thanks for the free downloads. I hope you don't mind if I become a frequent visiter (not to frequent though, because as you can see from my blog(s) I don't expect anyone to post often.) =) Thanks again, Sarah