Monday, May 11, 2009

Did your mother's day rock too?

I got a haul of the usual cute, Mother's Day cards and crafts,
And one that was not quite the usual...
It sings something about how I'm not like those other moms, with a needle and thread, cause I'm a rock star, I don't scrapbook like those other moms, cause I'm in a rock band... and something about how I like to raise H-E double hockey sticks. "Because you rock, mom" Sam took them to Target and let them each choose a gift- Miss B got me some earrings, Miss G chose a cute snow globe with a mother and daughter inside "It's me and you mom." and Miss E chose some Wet and Wild lip balm- that she has already ruined. It was a good day though, I hope yours was too!


Ann said...

too funny katie!

Shauna said...

So who is that card from? That is very funny. You did get a good haul!