Thursday, April 09, 2009

Food Storage Friday- Grains

I confess- I have loads of wheat in my long term storage, but I never use it. I ground it up once and tried to bake bread, but it didn't turn out very good, and I tried to sprout some wheat grass for my Easter centerpiece but the birds ate it all- every last piece! But storing wheat and other grains makes sense because it is so cheap, nutritious and stores well for a long time. I was pointed to a great blog that helps de-mystify different grains and cooking with them. Check out the Good Lookin' Cook HERE and get excited about working grains into your family's diet! My brain is on overload right now from trying "new-ish" things like sewing and gardening, that cooking with grains seems a little overwhelming, but I was thrilled to see her instructions for canning butter! Yes you can have real BUTTER to put on that homemade bread you'll make with your year supply! Who knew? For easy to follow instructions click HERE. Thanks Kara for sharing your knowledge!

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bkbills said...

I have canned butter and it is so easy and it lasts for years. I also have a really good honey wheat recipe for bread if you ever want to try it. What kind of wheat do you have? I know that white wheat is better to have for wheat novices and it makes the bread much lighter.