Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pretty Pier One Holiday

I got a little Pier One catalog in the mail last week and finally went through it tonight and it was so pretty! I'm keeping an extra sharp eye out for cheap-make-it-myself decorating ideas (in case I can actually make the time to do some this year) and I loved this candy garland: Another fun thing was the balloon tree in the picture below. I'm not sure how exactly they did it, but if you have a big bag of green balloons laying around, I bet you could put something together.I liked the pretty paper garland around it too- they had those strung around in lots of the pictures.

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nate and amy crandell said...

No way that balloon tree is SWEET It would be way cheaper than buying a fake or real tree :) Too bad we already have a fake tree that is prob. filled with scorpions by now JOY JOY :)