Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking- basics

A couple of you have asked me about digital scrapbooking, and I don't have your e-mails, so here's how I got started. First you need some kind of a graphic editing program- most people use Photoshop Elements, which runs around $90, but chances are you have something on your computer that will work if you're not ready to make an investment yet. Next, you need to download some free stuff to work with. (See THIS SITE for a regularly updated list of new freebies, and check out the Shabby Princess Freebies- these are all awesome full kits) When you download it, SAVE it to a certain spot on your computer- I have a folder called DOWNLOADS so I know where to find them. They will be zip files, because they are big, so you will then need to unzip them, by double clicking on them and using a free version of WinZip. Then when they are unzipped, save them somewhere on your computer where you can find them again- mine go into a folder called SCRAPBOOK SETS. Then you can put together your page. You open the background, and then drag and drop your pictures onto it, and then drag and drop any elements you want, and add text. Beyond that, there are lots of tutorials online to learn all kinds of fun tricks you can use- particularly if you use Photoshop. I hope that helps and makes some sense! It is really quite fun, and I love that I can make something without making a big mess dragging out all my scrapbook stuff! Now, I just have to share this real quick, these cute photo frames would be fun for your holiday photo cards! You just drag them over your picture and then print wherever you get pictures! Find the download HERE until 11/16. (they have something new every Friday.)


Lindsey said...

Okay digital scrapbooking sounds so fun (and easy!)...this made me want to try it. Those photo frames are awesome.

Jill said...

Katie, You are amazing! You make it sound so easy. I totally want to get into this. I just need like 5 hours of peace & quiet to figure it all out. Thanks so much for explaining all that. -Jill

Holy Cow said...
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