Monday, August 06, 2007

What is up

We got the devastating news that some friends (Robby & Melanie) lost their new baby to SIDS- my heart has just been breaking for them and it's been hard to really think about blogging. My thoughts haven't been far from them since. I don't know how people go on after things like this, but I know they do somehow. I find some comfort in the knowledge that they will see their precious son again, and because they have been sealed together for eternity in the Lord's temple, they will have the opportunity to be a family forever.

One of my best friends (Shauna) said goodbye to her husband for the next 7 months as he was deployed to Iraq. I don't know how these families do it either- you are amazing!

Now for the least of my sorrows, Miss E dropped my camera and it is not working now. I will see if I can borrow one to get pictures and do a little tutorial of those candy bar wrappers for those who were interrested- I loved the idea of making some Halloween ones!

We went to a Jimmy Eat World concert and it was amazing! Really, their music is powerful to me and it was a great experience- they are so talented and fun to watch, and the best part is I was able to stay sitting down for most of the show! (if that isn't proof I'm getting old, I don't know what is!) Is that music still called Emo? Because it makes me quite emotional- I think I felt the full range there, it was that good.

I was released from working with the Young Women at church and will now be working with the primary children- I am really excited about this but I will miss the young women I had gotten to know and love. No more girls camp!

Sorry for the lack of illustration in this post, I don't have a camera you know.


Sarah's Nonsense said...

Two responses on both ends of the spectrum that were covered in this, a lady in my ward bore her testimony this last week about losing her baby in the past month. I'm new in the ward so I don't know her or her story, but it was horrible to think about just the same. Your post reminded me of her and how surprised I was that she could be so open and together at the same time about that kind of situation.

The other comment I wanted to send your way was that I hope you and Ginger enjoy your new callings in primary!

davidandsuzi said...

Thanks for stopping in to say hi! I hope Bella has a great first day of school! I'm really sorry about your friend.

McDonald Army Brats*** said...

Tell your friend that if she ever needs a fellow military wife to chat with email me! Deployments bond wives like nothing else. I am so sorry to hear about the little one lost. I can't imagine the pain. All I can think of is how thankful that we have the knowledge and comfort of the gospel, but then again that is the answer to your friend who is a military wife as well. I couldn't make it through every day worrying about Pres, and if he was coming home. I have to think that every thing happens for a reason, and if something happens to Pres, then it will just be a while till I see him again. Although I say this a little different when I say it to Preston. I tell him that if something happens and he doesn't come home to us, then by the time I get to heaven he better be ready for an earful because I will be mad, and be stewing over it for years! Just think about that OPFEL temper!